Playful Indigo

Would you like to learn how to create shibori indigo dyed pieces? Join Alexis in private instruction, with a small group of friends, for a fun afternoon of experimentation and creation with indigo.  

During the class you will learn how indigo works as a dye and some of the many different shibori methods of folding fabric. Because there are so many different ways to fold and bind fabric each class is tailored to the interests of the group—giving you the freedom to explore in any direction you want to.

The class fee covers all the items you’ll need to bind and dye fabric with indigo, plus a set of two pillowcases and one tea towel to dye. Students are encouraged to bring 3-5 additional fabric items of their own to dye. Fabric should be 100% cotton, linen or wool, lighter colors or all white works best. Instructions will be sent prior to class on how to prep your fabric to dye. 

Classes are held in Alameda; or at a location of your choice, provided there is an outdoor space to work in and access to hot water. The group size must be at least four people and up to eight, the fee is $135 per person. Email to schedule a private class.